A lesson learnt from a night spent without electricity

After a day spent exploring Washington DC, like after most days this trip, we had planned to stay in an AirBnB. We were staying in a room in an apartment with a guy called Jean.

During this trip, Conor and I aren’t been able to access the internet unless we are able to connect to wifi. We arrived at Washington around 1pm and whilst we were in the museum, we connected to wifi to send a message to Jean to let him know our estimated arrival time. He replied saying that there had been a powercut in his block and he hoped that the electricity would be back soon but he’d try and let us know.

We pondered what we should do. If he said that there was no electricity, what would we do? Conor needed to upload and edit photographs onto his laptop and the battery was dead. I needed to connect to wifi to upload photographs from the day to instagram and send a few messages to friends and family. We needed to take hot showers. We needed lights to read our books.

But, here’s the thing; all of the above statements are false. We did not need any of those things.

When we arrived at Jean’s apartment, there was still no electricity. We pondered asking for a refund and going to stay in a motel, but something told us not to. We really only had two options; be negative or be positive.

We chose the latter and asked Jean if he had any candles. He rushed to the shop before starting his second shift at work and returned with two candles. Meanwhile Conor and I went to the liquor shop and bought a few beers.

By candlelight, we drank beer and ate cheese flavoured popcorn. We spoke about our favourite parts of the trip so far. We spoke about what we expected from the rest of our trip through the states and the rest of our travels. We also had a contest of who could scream the least in the rather cold shower! Conor most definitely lost…

We didn’t complain or look at the situation negatively. Those who know me may be surprised, mum!

Some of you may think we’re silly. We paid £60 for a night in an apartment with wifi, air conditioning (which was one of the non-negotiables we looked for in accommodation), a kitchen and a hot shower. We didn’t have the opportunity to use any of those things.

We could have stayed somewhere else. We could have asked for a refund. We still could.

But actually, that night, spent in a little dimly lit apartment on the outskirts of Washington DC was a night that I’ll always remember.

We’re living in an age where we believe that we need to be super comfortable every single day, use wifi every few hours and that staying anywhere that’s less than perfect isn’t okay. This isn’t true.

All that is necessary for a perfect evening is being with those who we love and having a safe place to sleep. Oh, and a few cold beers wouldn’t hurt either…


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