Bar hopping through Nashville

We spent three nights in Nashville and our main reason for visiting was to listen to some music and we were not disappointed… it is called Music City after all! There are a lot of music museums to see in Nashvillle but for us the 24 hour bars and the lure of the blues was too tempting!
Broadway is the main street in Nashville, filled with bars, neon signs and doorways with music and men in cowboy hats pouring out of them. It sounds a little tacky, and it definitely is, but there’s something extremely lovable and enjoyable about this street. Unlike many other ‘strips’ of bars, there aren’t cheap drink options or shot promotions. The music does all the selling on behalf of the bars.

Over three nights and two days, we saw very little daylight, heard a lot of music and drank in a lot of bars, but to keep things short and sweet, here were my three favourites:


3) The Stage

One of the more well known places on Broadway, the Stage is huge. It has lots of seating and a good dancefloor, if you feel inclined to dance! They have an excellent beer selection and great decor as well as the ability to pull in some more well known bands.


2) Mellow Mushroom

There are a lot of floors in this bar! Skip the ground floor and head up to the first where the balcony offers a less busy view of the stage. My favourite part of the Mellow Mushroom, however was their rooftop beer garden, and this view! A little oasis on Broadway and the highest of all the beer gardens on the street. More relaxed, acoustic guitarists play up here in the evenings.


1) Roberts

Much smaller than some of the other bars on Broadway yet Roberts draws in some of the best musicians and the best crowds. Roberts is narrow and long with a bar on one wall and tiny tables lining the other. If you want one of these seats you need to get here early. As bands are on all day, it will never be a boring wait!


A few other things to note… Some bars will not allow you in if you are carrying a rucksack, even a small daypack! Despite this, there isn’t really a dress code, anything goes. Secondly, bands play for tips and aren’t paid by the bars, they will most likely remind you of this frequently! Finally, if you’re a sweets or ice cream fan, there is also an Savannah’s Candy Kitchen on Broadway that is not to be missed.

If you fancy a few days of musical and alcoholic fun, I would definitely recommend Nashville. It just about errs on the good side of tacky, has an excellent beer selection, even better music and it is super easy to get around.
Where’s your favourite place for a weekend break?

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