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New Zealand South Island: A 10 Day Road Trip

Whilst living in the UK, we always spent the school holidays catching flights to Europe as it was so close by. Now that we're living in Australia, catching a flight to New Zealand takes the same amount of time and costs the same amount as our previous travels to Europe. As we had never previously… Continue reading New Zealand South Island: A 10 Day Road Trip


Great Ocean Road

We landed in Melbourne in late October, having booked a last minute flight from Vietnam and declaring that we were 'finished with South East Asia'... or at least for the time being. Having spent a week or so acclimatizing to the city and confirming that this was where we'd like to stay for a while,… Continue reading Great Ocean Road


A day trip to Jiufen, Taiwan

A sharp contrast from the busy metropolis of Taipei, Jiufen offers a taste of Taiwan in years gone by despite it only being 20 miles outside of the centre of city. A short, cheap bus ride makes it the ultimate destination for a day trip from Taipei.  We caught the 1062 bus from a stop… Continue reading A day trip to Jiufen, Taiwan


Fenchihu and the Alishan Forest Railway

If you've never heard of the Alishan Forest Railway then I'd suggest reading this post  and putting it on your bucket list ASAP. The Forest Railway was my favourite part of our Taiwanese adventure and here I'm going to share with you a little bit about it... The Alishan Forest Railway currently runs from Chiayi… Continue reading Fenchihu and the Alishan Forest Railway


An afternoon in Kenting National Park, Taiwan

After a few days holed up in our hostel due to icky stomachs, today we finally ventured out to the place I've been dreaming of since booking our Taiwan trip; Kenting National Park. As the weather has been so hot recently, we've been trying to avoid being out in the heat all day so we… Continue reading An afternoon in Kenting National Park, Taiwan


The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon wasn't somewhere I ever particularly wanted to visit. The National Parks sold my trip to America, but it was Yosemite and Crater Lake that I wanted to see. However, Grand Canyon was on our route across the US, no extra driving needed. Also, could we really complete a five week road trip without… Continue reading The Grand Canyon


A perfect day in New Mexico; a photo diary

I've told most of the people that I've spoken to but if you're not one of them, here's the news: I fell in love with New Mexico. Out of the 18 states that we visited, New Mexico definitely made the top 3 - I couldn't quite choose between there, New York and California! Scenically it's breathtaking, everywhere… Continue reading A perfect day in New Mexico; a photo diary

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Climbing Scafell Pike; England’s highest peak

Ten years ago myself, thirty other moody 14 year olds and the legendary Mr Cooper visited Seathwaite farm, near Keswick in the Lake District. It was part of our Geography GCSE course and we sure were thrilled to know that we were visiting the place with the highest rainfall in the UK! Fortunately for us, when we arrived the sun… Continue reading Climbing Scafell Pike; England’s highest peak

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Climbing Snowdon for beginners

Growing up just a stones throw from North Wales, I often tell fond tales of weeks spent exploring the beautiful Welsh countryside, mostly from the base of my grandad's caravan in Powys. So recently when Conor asked if I had ever climbed Mount Snowdon, my response almost surprised me; 'Well, in year 9 we went to Snowdon… Continue reading Climbing Snowdon for beginners

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Les Mosses: A snow shoe hike

For our second hike in Switzerland, we were hoping to test out some snow shoes; kindly lent to us by Veronica and her son, Ilario. Fortunately, the evening before we made the trip there was heavy snowfall in the mountains so we would definitely be able to put our shoes to good use! We drove… Continue reading Les Mosses: A snow shoe hike