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New Zealand South Island: A 10 Day Road Trip

Whilst living in the UK, we always spent the school holidays catching flights to Europe as it was so close by. Now that we're living in Australia, catching a flight to New Zealand takes the same amount of time and costs the same amount as our previous travels to Europe. As we had never previously… Continue reading New Zealand South Island: A 10 Day Road Trip


A weekend in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne is tiny little town in the south of Vietnam and is easily accessible from Ho Chi Minh City. We took a sleeper bus from HCMC that left at 7pm and dropped us off at our accommodation in Mui Ne around 1am. Super convenient! From Mui Ne you can take buses onwards towards Da… Continue reading A weekend in Mui Ne, Vietnam


A day trip to Jiufen, Taiwan

A sharp contrast from the busy metropolis of Taipei, Jiufen offers a taste of Taiwan in years gone by despite it only being 20 miles outside of the centre of city. A short, cheap bus ride makes it the ultimate destination for a day trip from Taipei.  We caught the 1062 bus from a stop… Continue reading A day trip to Jiufen, Taiwan

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Climbing Snowdon for beginners

Growing up just a stones throw from North Wales, I often tell fond tales of weeks spent exploring the beautiful Welsh countryside, mostly from the base of my grandad's caravan in Powys. So recently when Conor asked if I had ever climbed Mount Snowdon, my response almost surprised me; 'Well, in year 9 we went to Snowdon… Continue reading Climbing Snowdon for beginners

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Shimla – Queen of the Hills

Whilst working in India as part of the LRTT project (read more about this here), we were fortunate enough to enjoy a long bank holiday weekend away from the city heat in the beautiful hill station, Shimla. Early on Saturday morning, we headed north on the winding journey up to the Himalayas. Head of the former British… Continue reading Shimla – Queen of the Hills


My Indian LRTT fellowship

On the 31st July 2016, 24 British teachers arrived in Delhi airport as strangers. Over three weeks in a remote part of India we shared anecdotes from our days at school, collaborated on ideas for conferences and over shared one too many tales of ‘Delhi bellies’. We then spent a week travelling across the country… Continue reading My Indian LRTT fellowship

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Why a one day visit to Halong Bay is just enough..

When we think of Vietnam, many of us will think of this place: The beautiful, World Heritage Site, Halong Bay. A quick google of Vietnam will bring up a tonne of images of the beautiful, naturally formed limestone pillars and islands, nestled in the Gulf of Tonkin; a few hours east of Hanoi. Hailed as… Continue reading Why a one day visit to Halong Bay is just enough..

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Bangkok – an unexpected heart stealer

Last year, around May time, I made one of the best (if not THE best) decisions I have ever made. I'd always wanted to travel outside of Europe (previously the furthest I had been from the UK was the Canary Islands as a child) but I'd never managed to find a friend who could a)… Continue reading Bangkok – an unexpected heart stealer