5 things to do in Hoi An in rainy season

Have you ever asked anyone what their favourite place in Vietnam is? I guarantee that at least 90% of the people you ask will say Hoi An. There are endless streets adorned with intricate lanterns, the food is easily the best in the whole country and many of the streets are closed to traffic, creating a calm place in a usually… Continue reading 5 things to do in Hoi An in rainy season

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Rishikesh: ashrams, yoga and aarti

I arrived in Rishikesh in a similar way as I had other Indian destinations; tired and achey after a long car journey! I didn't have too much time to spend in Rishikesh but I just about had enough time to soak up the relaxed, peaceful atmosphere. As it is such a small place, it doesn't… Continue reading Rishikesh: ashrams, yoga and aarti